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Rabbit Stadium

Welcome to Rabbit Stadium!

Stadium Guidelines

To create a safe and enjoyable experience for all Rabbit fans, we have the following stadium guidelines: 

  • All students are required to remain seated in the designated stands throughout the duration of the football games. This measure is designed to enhance safety and minimize potential risks associated with roaming around the stadium.
  • Middle school students must be accompanied by an adult; dropping them off without supervision is not allowed. 
  • For the safety and comfort of APS and AES students, we kindly request that they be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire game, including restroom and concession stand breaks. This adult supervision will ensure their well-being and help maintain a controlled environment.
  • To prevent any potential accidents or conflicts, students will not be allowed to engage in football or other games within the stadium premises. We encourage everyone to enjoy the game from their seats.


Rabbit Stadium Parking