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Rabbit TV clinches victory at state film festival

Posted Date: 03/01/2024

Rabbit TV clinches victory at state film festival

Austin, TX — Atlanta High School Rabbit TV students have captured first place in the 1A-3A narrative category at the UIL State Film Festival in Austin with the winning entry, "No Greater Love.”

"Winning this award feels amazing, and I am filled with gratitude for wonderfully brilliant students, fellow coworkers who help us so much, and an administration that supports us with everything we need so that our creativity can become a reality,” Rabbit TV sponsor Aaron Whitehead said.

"No Greater Love" delves into the complex dynamics of friendship, resilience and forgiveness against the backdrop of a school shooting. The film follows the journey of two high school friends whose bond is put to the test in the face of adversity.

Junior Kaylee Celaya, the writer, editor and director of "No Greater Love," drew her inspiration for the film from personal experiences of friendship and reconciliation. 

"My inspiration for the short film 'No Greater Love' was based on a past friendship of mine,” Celaya said. “In the film, the friends had a miscommunication but were able to forgive each other even through the obstacles thrown their way. This was my way of showing what I wished could have happened in my friendship." 

Celaya further explained her choice of incorporating a school shooting into the narrative.

"The reason I chose a school shooting was because it's a constant part of a student's reality that we have to worry about,” Celaya said. “I thought this film was a great way to let the viewers know it's a real issue in students' lives." 

Whitehead emphasized the commitment and sacrifices students made to complete the project.

“The students involved with this production have sacrificed hours of their own time to make this film happen,” Whitehead said. “So much so that they even braved the snow while school was out to complete their masterpiece.”

Celaya credited the group's collaborative spirit and Whitehead's unwavering support for the film's success.

“None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the support of Mr. Whitehead and the motivation of the group,” Celaya said. “This gold medal was a true team effort.”

Please be advised that the video contains scenes depicting a school shooting. Watch it here:

“No Greater Love”
Kaylee Celaya: writer, editor, director
Riley Williams: cinematographer
Jason Durr: original score
Jackson Dillinger: drone operator
Makenzie Lampshire: photographer
Cast members: Makenzie Lampshire, Aaliyah Murphy, Kaylee Celaya, Aaron Whitehead, Jackson Dillinger, Carmello Henderson, Camden Bauer, Brooklyn Sullivan, Jessica Karr, Landon Dryden and Elijah Halls.

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