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Community and Student Engagement Rating Criteria (CaSE)
Community and Student Engagement Rating Formula (CaSE)
2017 CaSE Rating

Community and Student Engagement Rating Formula (CaSE)

District Improvement Plan
APS Campus Improvement Plan
AES Campus Improvement Plan
AMS Campus Improvement Plan
AHS Campus Improvement Plan

AHS Report Card 2017
AMS Report Card 2017
AES Report Card 2017
APS Report Card 2017

AISD Accountability Summary 2017
AHS Accountability Summary 2017
AMS Accountability Summary 2017
AES Accountability Summary 2017


APS TAPR 2016-2017
AES TAPR 2016-2017
AMS TAPR 2016-2017
AHS TAPR 2016-2017
AISD TAPR 2016-2017

2014-15 District Federal Report Card
2014-15 APS Federal Report Card
2014-15 AES Federal Report Card
2014-15 AMS Federal Report Card
2014-15 AHS Federal Report Card


Texas Education Agency annually rates its public schools and districts on the academic performance of their students. Completion rate, required improvement, and the dropout rate are also used to determine the campus and district ratings under the ratings system. For complete information on the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS), visit the Texas Education Agency AEIS web page.