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Building projects to get underway on AISD campuses

Posted Date: 10/26/2022

Building projects to get underway on AISD campuses

ATLANTA, TX – The Atlanta Independent School District Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that building projects on the primary and high school campuses are about to begin.

“Because we have been frugal, we have been able to save enough money to support these projects,” said Charlotte Stanley, AISD Board of Trustees president. “We believe in developing and fostering an environment where all students can reach their full potential.”

On Monday, Oct. 31, construction crews will be at Atlanta Primary School to begin work on replacing the awnings and expanding the covered entrance. 

“Our facade renovation project at Atlanta Primary School will be a much-needed and timely update while providing more space and shelter for our students and staff upon arriving and leaving school each day,” Stanley said.

At Atlanta High School, work will begin soon on the new Career and Technical Education building and the baseball and softball complex.

The CTE building will house the Culinary Arts, Audio/Video Production and Health Science Technology programs. In addition, there will be two classrooms for the growth of other CTE classes.

“We have a strong academic program that we continue to improve in all ways possible,” Stanley said. “We are a leader in our area in developing our career and technical education program, and our new CTE building will be a state-of-the-art facility.”

The building, which will be located on the north side of the campus, will include an industrial kitchen, audio/video studio and health science lab. 

The new facility will also have a concession stand and restrooms that will serve the new baseball and softball complex, located in place of the existing practice field. Currently, games are played at the city park. Moving the fields on campus will make them more accessible to students and easier to maintain.

“With the new softball and baseball fields being on campus, our students will enjoy more safety and efficiency in this athletic program,” Stanley said. “Moving this last athletic facility on site has been a district goal for many years. We want all students participating in extracurricular activities to have the best experience we can provide.”

The complex will feature stadium seating and turf fields.

“You’re not going to find many around this area that will be as nice as this,” Superintendent Emeritus Sidney Harrist said.

The expected completion date of the CTE building is November 2023. Beginning in the summer of 2023, AISD will begin renovations of the current vocational building to allow for the expansion of the welding program.  

“This is a major building project for us and has been a dream for five to six years,” Harrist said. “This is going to enhance our schools, and everyone will benefit from this.”

The tax rate is not being raised to fund the $8.5 million projects, which are the result of many years of planning and conservative budgeting.

“Our board has always been forward thinking in its commitment to education,” Superintendent Jason Harris said. “They do what’s best for our kids and have been diligent over the past few years to set us up to have the opportunity to do these projects.”

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