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New weight room opens for female athletes

Posted Date: 07/13/2022

New weight room opens for female athletes

ATLANTA, TXThe Atlanta Independent School District’s Athletic Department announced the opening of a new weight room dedicated to the girls athletic program.

We wanted to do something early on that would show that we prioritize girls athletics,” Athletic Director Tyler Morton said. “I hope they see it as the district investing in them and prioritizing their success.”

The weight room is conveniently located at Atlanta High School near the girls locker room and includes state-of-the-art equipment and a motivating atmosphere. Morton said all athletic programs will be required to participate in a strength training program each week.

“Girls strength training often gets neglected in many high school programs, but now there’s no excuse why we can’t be better in our strength training,” Morton said. “It can take our girls programs to new heights. It’s truly a weight room that they can take pride in. It’s 100% for them.”

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